TDD in Xcode Playgrounds

As you can read, there’s a pretty delightful way to test prototypes created in the Xcode Playground. But, there’s more for anyone who wants to get into TDD – it can be a fast and less painful way to start.

Symbolicating iOS crash reports

Much appreciated, an extensive guide through symbolication of iOS app’s crash report. This is the next step for everyone who wants to boost their debugging skills. Also, you who mastered symbolication Obj-C app, check out Swift gotchas.

All about Concurrency in Swift - Part 1: The Present

Even though mobile devices, in general, are improving their performance, to provide best user experience developers are forced to perform some heavy lifting in the background, maybe using many threads. Read how to do it in pure Swift and wait for more just like me. Beginners will benefit from it as well, thanks to quite detailed theoretical catch-up.

Swift Arrays Holding Elements With Weak References

An advanced approach to Swift memory management in the context of Array. I saw a few about closures, reference/value types, and weak/strong attributes themselves but this one seems to bring up the less common case.


Mobile First, Desktop Worst

An article about misusing the Mobile First rule. All of us, everyday desktop and laptop users, should understand the described pain. For me, personally, this rule is the materialization of something exhausting that has recently happened on the web. Share this with your UX and UI designer friends.


How to Start Debugging http(s) Traffic in 2 Minutes

Why this section? Well, because the author has hidden information about Cloud Middleman under this tempting title. I feel as though this is almost like a dream come true. So, take some time to check if it can save you a whole lot more.


Good iOS Application Architecture: MVVM, MVC, VIPER Which Architecture is the Best? by Krzysztof Zabłocki

Let’s be honest… This is a well-known topic and the author knows it. Don’t be intimidated and don’t let this guy charm you with the knowledge he’s acquired over the many years of working on various projects and helping different teams. This video is not just another boring lecture about architectures – it’s a practical guide illustrating the advantages and disadvantages of each one in the process of creating an iOS application.

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