Multi-Line String Literals

From Swift 4 we can enjoy multiline String literals. I imagine it’ll be especially comfy for Swift backends and all that HTML stuff.


How to run Swift UI tests with a mock API server

A mock server can be alternative for hard-coded responses and hacks to automate UI testing of more complex cases. Here is how you can set it up yourself with WireMock.

Migrating To Coordinators

Long-awaited continuation on the coordinators-pattern topic. First from the series of advanced considerations. This time it’s about where to begin migration in existing applications.

Picking the right way of failing in Swift

An extensive look at Swift failing abilities as a way to write cleaner and safer code.


Test Drive

Setting up a Playground can be annoying in a long term. But integrating library without a test drive can be more regretful.

John Sundell takes over this week’s scene. Check his talk on App Builders below.


App Builders Switzerland Conference 2017 by Swiss Mobile Developers Association

A whole lot of goodies on a board. Have a great week with all these awesome presentations.

Building a Swift Web API by Kyle Fuller

How many of you are eager to reveal the power of Swift on a server with his own hands? Check these tips and tools before you take over the world.


Vanilla by Matthew Palmer

Clean up your menu baaaaaaaar… I saw people who should appreciate it.

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