Swift Source Compatibility Test Suite Now Available

Woo-hoo! 👯 Who does not want to forget about codebase migrations? How many commercial products’ teams are blocked in migrating codebase to Swift by incompatibility between versions? Is it time for Swift On Rails? (I promise, it is safe there.) Are you an open source project author? The community needs you.


Swift World: Type Erasure

error: protocol '*' can only be used as a generic constraint because it has Self or associated type requirements 😨 Be afraid no more! Type erasure is here to help you with generic protocols, for example, enables an Array to store object conforming to such protocol.

Using protocol compositon for dependency injection

So cool, so swifty, so clean… Just take a look and fall in love.

Time traveling in Swift unit tests

A really neat solution for a testing time-dependent state. Refactor-free, this argument will convince your teammate, QA, and client.

Boost Smooth Scrolling with iOS 10 Pre-Fetching API

Great reminder about goodies the UIKit team gave us at the WWDC 2016. An argument to make use of it should be iOS 10’s 79% market share.

The Algebra of Predicates and Sorting Functions

Boost your level of Swift with an algebra. It got me thinking how many more of those gems are hidden in an algebra. Decades of knowledge at our service. Reading such code is a pure pleasure.


Everything a Swift Dev Ever Wanted to Know About Machine Learning by Alexis Gallagher

A foretaste of machine learning and how it applies to iOS development. Machine learning is already much more than university research field. Anyone can become an expert. Open source community started to grow around this topic. But there are also native tools you might have forgot about.

Non-technical ways to becoming a better developer by Marin Todorov

At least remember that the family comes first!

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