Swift Weekly Brief - Issue #65

A site for anyone who seeks Swift’s everyday life news. But in particular - some mighty improvements are on their way. A Custom Target Layouts in Swift Package Manager? private available in type extensions within the same file? Pretty sweet. 🍩

Analysis of the for iOS [v. 87.0]

Searching through the Facebook iOS application on your own responsibility. Same as using some of its source code… ☠ But I bet you know this one from the Twitter, right?

What’s New in TestFlight

I saw a few smiling faces in our office.


SOLID Principles Applied To Swift

They come back over and over again but it’s never too often. This time their read better and emphasize a power of writing clean code in Swift.

Waiting in XCTest

A new toy on the board! 💃 XCTestWaiter is the newest improvement in XCTest framework. It will help a lot in UI testing automation. We need to use it in Automate.

100% Coverage of Edge Cases: How to Safely Parse JSON

I just have to check it on my own… An extensive review of a JSON parsing unit tests. Bulletproof method checked on the battlefield. Separate solutions for Swift and Objective-C present differences in both languages specifics.

What is the value of iOS code signing?

One of the scariest things in iOS development - release. Including a code signing. 😵 Fastlane founder expresses his thoughts on a necessity of a code signing.


Making Mock Objects More Useful by Jon Reid

You may possess all this knowledge about mocking objects for testing purposes. You may have used mocking all this time and never organize the knowledge. This talk is worth time it takes.

Clarity, cohesion, coupling, complexity by Greg Heo

The four C’s are the next way to improve code quality. Life is all about learning, right? Let’s dig into the Swift repository to take this lesson.

As always…

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