WWDC18: A Basic Guide to App Store Connect API

App Store Connect API is a big deal and we were excited to see Apple invests in Continous Delivery infrastructures. This article should recap the fundamentals and help in first setup attempts.

Joy! Xcode 10 Promises to Improve Test-Centric Workflows

Let’s step back and take a look at WWDC 2018. Maybe we missed the opportunity to appreciate some announcement or overlooked a couple of their applications. It’s nice to see someone actually feels a direct improvement in their day-to-day development workflow.

Thoughts on @dynamicMemberLookup

New Swift 4.2 feature which can dynamically lookup for properties at runtime. Safely and dangerous at the same time. But this is only first change proposed by Google. Stay tuned for @dynamic​Callable.


Why team-building exercises won’t make your staff more productive

An excellent take on a development team management. If you appreciated these points share them with your team and manager. We definitely wish to skip part of team-building games and solve some interesting problem.

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