Algoriddim ports djay Pro for iOS to Windows 10 using Microsoft’s Bridge

Microsoft’s Bridge shows its usefulness. Demo looks impressive.

Apple Stops Signing iOS 10.2.1 and iOS 10.3

Maybe looks prematurely and irritates many users and devs but made in good cause:

Fixes a wifi flaw allowing malicious people to send a code to your phone and execute it, you don’t want to be running 10.3. ~ Ries’ comment at 01:38 pm

New releases

AutoMate received new version and small usability patch. What’s new? Enabled Bitcode problem solved launch options safety improvement and a bunch of handy methods for navigating through scroll views with lazily loaded content.


Stop weak-strong dance

Sounds like I should be ashamed of myself. Useful (swifty!) stuff, especially if you miss 'self' = self, which is just compiler bug.

Reflectable enums in Swift 3

Okay, I would use a bunch of protocols. 😁 This solution is a good showcase of Swift’s reflection.

Optimizing your Swift Codebase with Attributes

Must know Swift attributes. Most of us know about their existence but do we use them to serve our codebase?



It serves improvement of SRP in our codebases. Easy to use, extensible and adjustable for most of our needs. Hopefully, it gets popular to stay maintained, so we can focus on killer features for our apps.

And it has introduction post! Honey! Oh, boy, honey! That’s what Tiggers like best.


Swift on Android: The Future of Cross-Platform Programming or White Whale? by Eric Wing

Eric bought me, he knows what he’s talking about. Because console apps and ones that require multiple steps to run don’t work for us. That’s not what suits mobile app development.

Warning! mind-blowing material.

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