Tips and tricks

Debug pause doesn’t work in Xcode

Who would have thought? 😱

New releases

AutoMate and his buddies

…all received necessary update to flawlessly work with Swift 3.1 and Xcode 8.3. 👯


How to test a Swift package on Linux using Docker

It sounds so accessible! Maybe it’s time to try yourself in Swift project with Linux support?

Swift Package Manager Basics

If you decided to write something for Linux or simply add support to existing project this post on Swift Package Manager basics has your back.

Detecting the first launch of the iOS application — the wrong and the right way

Extensible article about improving testability of codebase. Yet another fan of dependency injection but still interesting presents more than the only correct path.

Swift: Alternative to Default Implementations in Protocols

Maybe you are one of the protocol’s default implementation’s fans. Don’t let it stop You from reading this excellent Natasha’s article. Great way to presist default values with all the compiler checks for protocol conformation.

Grand Central Dispatch- Swift 3

I’ve missed a short article about Swift Dispatch API.

You Probably Don’t Want enumerated

Not obvious flaws of Sequence’s enumerated() function. But read once may save a lot of painful debugging.

Local backyard

custom container for parallaxable subviews by Stefano Mondino

First PR to ParallaxView. Thank You for support! 🍾 We will do our best to check it ASAP.



Don’t mistake it with system library. Flux worked out for Facebook’s client-side web applications. This Flux-like Swift framework may actually work for a large application. Worth trying, maybe it will hold water and won’t end as another hype-driven development framework.

If you find yourself command line expert as much as I do, these comfy manpages may suite as well.


Swift’s Pointy Bits: Unsafe Swift & Pointer Types

Yes, Nate makes all those Unsafe*Pointer monsters a little bit less scary. Must watch for anyone who needs to face C API, i.e. Security Framework. 👻

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