CocoaDocs documentation sun-setting

Really sad news - CocoaDocs will leave us by the end of May. 😢


As a Designer I want better Release Notes

Tips that will improve our Release Notes from artistic, non-technical mind. They should convince more users to read them. But you don’t need to stop there, check the rest of this site.

The Trouble with Manager Objects

We all know flaws of singletons. Don’t find anything wrong in a *Manager? You may want to rethink that.

Safely Migrating Millions of Database Records Across Thousands of Device

Title on its own sounds impressive… But what about performing migration offline? Check ideas that met the challenge.


50 iOS Interview Questions And Answers Part 3

I found few things interesting or forgotten.



Debug app while using it. Performance, User Interface, Network and more? No problem. 😎

The best hardware to build with Swift is not what you might think

Unbelievable results of Xcode builds’ performance benchmarks on multiple hardware configurations.

iOS Continous integration: Xcode Server, Jenkins, Travis and fastlane

A little bit of pros and cons on iOS CI. Helpful for any team that considers CI in their project - it means all of us, right?


Launch arguments - the mysteries

Missing documentation for app launch arguments, helpful for debugging, unit testing and UITesting.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sequence and Collection by Soroush Khanlou

I knew it couldn’t go wrong - Khanlou at his best, reveals the power of protocols in sequences and collections, step by step.

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