New releases

AutoMate and his buddies

  • AutoMate A library full of helpers to test UI with XCTest - painless.

  • AutoMate-AppBuddy A library for your test target will give whole new level app customization before tests start.

  • Templates Xcode file templates to keep codebase Swifty.

  • ModelGenie Set of scripts able to find iOS specific raw strings.


Swift sequences: The art of being lazy

Use the power of Swift protocols to improve a performance of loading data.

Service-oriented AppDelegate

How about cleaning up your AppDelegate?

Swift Type Aliases: Use Early and Often

Extending type aliases with Ash Furrow.

Dear Erica: Playground Support Folder by Erica Sadun

Persist data between Playground runs and multiple Playgrounds.


Surviving the App Store

Sugar-free article about a journey to make a living by developing AppStore apps.


Testing an Untested App by Michael May

Pretty sweet live demo presenting few ways to improve codebase quality and test coverage of our apps.

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