Exploring @dynamicMemberLookup

Swift 4.2 brought us an ability to call properties available only at runtime. Check out how the influence of this annotation can be dangerous and what are the other options to use this powerful API but in a safer manner.

One-shot object detection

An excellent material about object detection’s why and how. Must read for all of the machine learning enthusiasts out there.

What’s new in iOS 12?

Review of new iOS features with example implementations. If you’re a reader, dive into the article, but if you’re not, there is a video for you as well.


Apple Didn’t Kill AppKit, Millenials Did

A sceptical look at running UIKit on macOS. You and I may not agree in 100%, but several arguments are on point and worthy to note, not only for the future development of this situation but to reflect if it gives us that much of new possibilities in comparison to what’s available now.

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