WWDC 2018 is over but we’re still in shock. To recover from the overwhelming amount of new features, we have a bunch of nice articles for you.


Swift for Android: Our Experience and Tools

It’s nice to see a team of people that took their time to build an Android app in Swift and don’t regret it. What’s even better is that they share tools they created to improve the experience.

Apple CreateML vs Kaggle

It’s great to see developers taking new APIs in their hands and trying to test the limitations. In this article, we take a closer look at CreateML, and its performance when working with real-life data sets.

iOS 12: Notable UIKit Additions

These type of sum-ups are the best, written by the developer and targeted towards devs. Excellent rundown of new UIKit features that you might have missed on dub dub 2018.

Swift Diagnostics: #warning and #error

Greg Heo chose one, seemingly simple feature that will be delivered in Swift 4.2 and takes us for a deep dive into the implementation.

Enumerating enum cases in Swift

Possibilities are endless with Swift built-in collections for enum cases. We can check out some of them in this article.

Type safe temporary models

A nifty piece of code and an excellent example of an original application of generics and KeyPaths to implement an intermediate, type-safe representation of a model.

Random numbers in Swift

Better late than never. Something we often need is finally here! Let’s walk through the brand new native random number API in Swift 4.2


What’s new in Swift 4.2

I would call it a much appreciated tradition already. Big thanks to Ole Begemann for the work and sharing with the community!

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